NYの赴任先で出会ったpunch needle刺繍のモコモコとした温かい感触に魅了され、オリジナル作品の創作を始めた。




AnelaMeli の作品にしばしば登場する天使の羽をもつミツバチElfyは、様々な場面でmiracle honeyの1滴で幸せをもたらす。
Good fortuneを予感させる物語性のある作品である。

‘Smile Evangelist’がKino Drome(Cleveland,U.S.)で1st Prize/Winner,
Berlin Flash Film Festivalで Outstanding Achievement Awardほか、
NY、Alabama 、AfricaなどでOfficial Selectionされる。

Future Wings楽しみながら使命を果たす旅はこれからも続く。天使の羽でどこへ飛んでいくのか、Miracle Honeyの1滴でどんな奇跡が起こされるのか、ワクワクな未来に期待を込めて。



A drop of Miracle Honey shines a light on the tender love in everyone’s heart and invokes a miracle.🐝

After graduating from university, AnelaMeli has worked as an editor at a publishing company.The moments that touched the lights of many talents were a joy. Her interests expanded to design, art, and architecture.
She re-entered art college and traveled around the world to see art and architecture, valuing experiencing the local atmosphere and light firsthand and honing her sensibility.
She was fascinated by the warm, fuzzy feel of punch needle embroidery she encountered while working in New York, and began creating her own original works of art.

In the days of working hard for business results,
there were times when her heart rippled and hurt.
In the midst of all this, she realized that a lack of love makes people overly defensive and aggressive.
However, she believes that everyone really has tender love and unique talent.
She deeply believes in mankind being fundamentally good.
When people realize that they are worthy of being loved, they can be kind and honest.
She wants to bring out the kindness and brilliance in people.

‘Smiles to the world through embroidery!’ 🐝

Smiles propagate.
She creates her pieces stitch by stitch, wishing for a world filled with love where everyone can believe in their own undiscovered miraculous potential they have yet to see.

Elfy, a honeybee with angel wings that often appears in AnelaMeli’s work, brings happiness with a drop of miracle honey in various situations.
The world is filled with love and abundance.
It is a narrative work that foreshadows good fortune.
Elfy, the bee that wishes for happiness and pours a drop of love from herself first, is a projection of the artist herself.

Smile Evangelist’ won the 1st Prize/Winner at Kino Drome (Cleveland, U.S.).
Outstanding Achievement Award at Berlin Flash Film Festival, etc,
Official Selection in New York, Alabama, Africa, etc.
Her works have been exhibited in LA, NY, London, Tokyo, Kyoto, and other cities.

Future Wings: The journey to fulfill our mission while having fun will continue. Where will you fly with the wings of an angel? What miracles will be created with a drop of Miracle Honey?