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AnelaMeli Link tree

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‘Smile Evangelist’ (笑顔伝道師)Short animation


Each item in this animation is embroidered one by one.
I made it a short story.
This work will make you smile just by looking at it.
It is an international film festival award-winning work.

「ミラクルハニー ぽのぽのーMiracle Honey Pono Pono」
Embroidery Picture Book 刺繍絵本

この本に出会ってくださったみなさんにGood Fortuneを。

A whole book is made with embroidery.
The world can look completely different with just a little bit of a kick.
I hope to make the world happy with the gentle feelings that exist in everyone’s heart.
Good Fortune to everyone who came across this book!